Why do rains cause traffic jams in Hanoi without fail?

Traffic jams does not happen in every city. But in Hanoi, Vietnam there will be a slower pace of traffic, which is for obvious reasons. If you are in Hanoi today, you would see traffic jam happened due to rain. Whichever the reasons are, see the photos below for your references.

Don’t worry at all if your time in Hanoi is almost covered with rain.


Traffic on the street will be crazy after a heavy rain as usual


You will see a lot of cars everywhere


If you visited Hanoi for the first time, you will have more chances to see this scene


Sometimes you don’t know people riding on the street or river?


No way to go?


If you cannot move, stop anywhere to relax


Or using the social networks while waiting for the rain to stop


For some people, walking better than riding a motorbike as water may damage the engine (or already damaged)


His motorcycle has been broken


This lady is trying to stop water from getting into her house

This is not motorcycle washing. I guess the water made it fallout

What is your caption?

Photos credited: Ngoc Thang, Hoang Oanh @Tri Thuc Tre