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Vietnam’s Covid-19 active cases down to 20

by Helen Huynh

Five Vietnamese repatriated from Sweden, Finland and Kuwait were announced Covid-19 free Monday, bringing Vietnam’s active cases down to 20.

Among the patients, two women returned from Kuwait on June 18 while two men and a six-year-old boy returned from Europe on June 6.

They have been treated at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi. The three European returnees were hospitalized on June 19 while the two Kuwait returnees were admitted to the hospital on June 24.

For now, each patient has tested negative at least twice and is in stable condition. They will stay at the hospital for two more weeks for medical monitoring.

The hospital is now treating five other Covid-19 patients. One of them was admitted when she had already got pneumonia, but doctors said she is recovering and does not have to rely on the oxygen mask anymore.

“We [medical workers] are still in the fight against the pandemic and if there are new patients coming, we’re ready to receive them,” said Tran Van Giang, deputy head at the Department of Viruses and Parasitology.

With five more patients recovering, Vietnam now has 20 Covid-19 patients left.

The country has recorded 355 cases so far, of whom 215 are those returning or coming from abroad.

By Monday, it has gone 74 days without community transmission.

The global infection tally has topped 10 million and number of deaths reached 504,613.

Reported by Chi Le, @Vnexpress

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