Unmissable street food in Hanoi this winter

Hanoi is famous for its wide range of delicious street food that is widely hailed by foreign media. Therefore readers should not miss the chance to taste some of them while visiting the capital city, especially during the cold winter.

Banh troi tau (warm Chinese floating cake) features a sugar sauce and a hint of ginger. It is a well known dish for local people through many generations.
Visitors can tour around Hang Giay, Quan Thanh and Bach Mai Streets to enjoy specific delicious delicacies.

Bowls of pork chop (Chao suon) are popular among young people throughout Hanoi. The dish can be enjoyed with quay (bread sticks) and ruoc (salted shredded meat).
The dish is famous in Dong Xuan market, Hang Bo and Doi Can Streets.
Banh Gio (rice dough dumpling with minced pork and mushrooms inside) is an attractive dish to have during the winter months.
The cake can be eaten with cucumber and Cha Com (Vietnamese rice sausage), making them even more delicious.
Chan Ga Nuong (grilled chicken feet) is a speciality of the winter months in Hanoi.
Ga Tan is a nutritious dish that can be found in the capital city.
Nem Chua Ran (fried pork) is a favourite dish among food lovers.
Ngo Nuong (grilled corn) and Khoai Nuong (grilled potatoes) are sold cheaply on many streets in Hanoi.
Visitors should not miss out on tasting Banh Goi (rice doughnuts), dipped in sweet-and-sour sauces during the cold days.

Source: VNN

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