To Lich River continues to be treated with Japanese technology

Japanese experts have continued cleaning up the heavily polluted To Lich River in Hanoi with the technology to decompose sludge into carbon dioxide and water.

The experts started working on a 70-square-metre section of To Lich River on June 17 to deal with the sludge. Even though the water still looks blackish after a month, it has become much cleaner and the foul smell has slightly dissipated. The next step is to deal with the sludge on the riverbed.

Both the mud thickness and the amount of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia have reduced greatly. According to the Japanese experts, it will take about two months to clean up all the sludge in this section. This technology has existed since 1994 and the bioreactor panels can be used for a long time.

The equipment is put under the water. One month later, they will collect the water sample to see the results.

Some photos of the river:

According to a report on Tien Phong

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