Super-cheap cars advertised in Vietnam are made in China

The public in recent weeks has been stirred up by the news about super cheap cars, costing only VND240 million for a 7-seater model and VND40 million for a 1-seater model. The products are made in China.

The automobile market has been scorching hot because of the short supply of imports from Japan and South Korea. Many customers have complained they could not get deliveries before Tet, or had to pay extra money to get the cars they wanted.

A mini electric IDU model with one seat is priced at VND40 million only, equal to the price of a mid-end motorbike. The product has narrow body, big height and small wheels. The inside part looks sketchy, with a 4-way steering wheel and sliding glass door.

IDU 3 is more expensive with three wheels and better interior amenities, including reverse camera, FM/radio and air conditioner.

The advertisers said the models are now available in Vietnam and posted video clips to show how the cars run. Reduced prices will be applied to early customers.

At the same time, ads about 7-seat petrol-run model BAIC H2 also appeared on the internet with sellers’ affirmation that the product is ‘as safe and modern as South Korean and Japanese cars’. The model is equipped with leatherette seats and Bluetooth connected screens.

The model is advertised as assembled in Vietnam and priced at VND240 million. Some salesmen affirmed that only VND50 million is needed in the first installment to get the car.

VietNamNet’s reporters called an IDU shop on the hotline to ask about the VND40 million model. However, they said the cars were running out and the shop would resume the sale of the model after Tet. He refused to give answers to questions about the legality of the models.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Son, a well known electric car dealer in Hanoi, when seeing the image of the super cheap mini car in a video, said that he had shot the video himself in 2016.

In 2015-2016, netizens spread the news about a 2-seat electric car, priced at VND70 million.

Son said these were the car models he tried to bring to Vietnam several years ago for sale. However, he had to cancel his plan because registration for circulation was not approved for sale.

A representative of the Vietnam Register said the agency has never granted registration certificates to a model like the IDU.

According to a report on Vietnamnet

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