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Smartphone market: new rivals appear, but big players still thrive

by Loc Truong

Emerging brands have been taking action to strengthen their presence in the domestic smartphone market. However, the face of the market is expected to stay the same in the near future.

Thirteen out of 15 bestselling smartphone models in the third quarter reported by The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World), which holds 50 percent of the Vietnamese mobile phone distribution market share, belonged to well known brands Samsung and Oppo.

In the list of top five bestsellers reported by FPT Shop, four out of five products are made by Samsung and Oppo.

Analysts commented that the products of the two manufacturers have been dominating the domestic market for years, so there is little opportunity for newcomers to change the situation.

Apple is also a well known brand in Vietnam, but its products are rarely on the lists of bestsellers.

Only one model of Apple, iPhone 6 32GB, was listed in The Gioi Di Dong’s top 15, in the 13th position. FPT Shop’s list doesn’t include any Apple name.

Though having only one model listed in the top 15, Apple is the biggest rival of Samsung and Oppo.

This reflects the current situation of the market which is controlled by Samsung, Oppo and Apple.

Samsung and Oppo’s dominance in the market shows their wise business strategies which aim to satisfy customers’ tastes.

Huawei and Xiaomi’s efforts to conquer the Vietnamese market have brought initial results. In The Gioi Di Dong’s top 15 best sellers in the third quarter, Huawei Nova 3i ranked in the 12th position, above iPhone 6 32 GB. The model is equipped with two dual cameras, notch screen and reasonable price.

Meanwhile, FPT Shop’s list of top five bestsellers includes Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 32 GB, in the fourth position.

Xiaomi has had campaigns to polish its images, and take cars for customers. It has opened the Mi Store.

The absence of Nokia in the list of bestsellers is a surprise. A report from HMD Global, which owns Nokia brand, showed that Nokia ranked second in the Vietnamese mobile phone market in sales in the first eight months of the year.

Analysts believe that the sales were from feature phones, because Nokia does not appear in the two biggest distribution chains’ lists of bestsellers.

Vivo, one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers, also did not have any brand on the lists.

According to a report on Vietnamnet

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