Over 3.5 million students supported to pursue learning

A total of over 3.5 million students have gained access to loans to cover their tuition fees thanks to a government credit programme, according to the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies.
As of July 31, the credit programme was valued as offering VND13.5 trillion (USD582.4 million ).

The loans have benefited students in poor households; those whose families face financial difficulties caused by severe disasters diseases, fires, and epidemics; as well as those who are orphaned.

A leader of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies said that the credit programme is a significant policy in terms of economic, political, and social aspects, thus winning applaud of ministries, sectors, and the community.

It aims to use State resources to provide preferential credit for disadvantaged students to help them pursue their learning, contributing to the country’s high-quality human resources training.

Source: Dtinews

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