Orion to sell more Choco Pies in Vietnam than its homeland

Orion Confectionery has sold more Choco Pie snacks in Vietnam than in Korea for the first time.

According to its statement on Wednesday, the Korean company said, Sales of Choco Pies in the Southeast Asian country reached 92 billion won (US$80.95 million) in Vietnam last year, up 15 percent on-year, compared to W83 million in the country of their origin (US$1=W1,138).

Orion publicized the Choco Pie through localization to win over Vietnamese consumers. One of the examples is the Tinh campaign, which has been underway since 2009. The word of Tinh is similar to affinity, affection, or attachment in meaning. Orion has made use of the concept across its promotion and advertising programs so that local consumers feel comfortable with it.

The snack’s huge popularity took Orion’s total sales in Vietnam to a record W233.9 billion for the year.

Vietnam is the second country after China where the snacks have sold more than in Korea.

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