New Austrian Foreign Trade Centre Opened in Vietnam

Highlights of the trip are the opening of the new Foreign Trade Centre in Ho Chi Minh City on 16 May and the signing of a cooperation agreement in Singapore on 17 May to establish the new Accelerator Programme “Go Southeast Asia”, which will start in autumn.

Foreign Trade Center in Vietnam opens doors to growth region

“The new base in Ho Chi Minh City opens the door for our companies to the growth hotspot of the future. Vietnam is booming, has competent specialists, a rapidly growing middle class and the government is investing massively in the expansion of its infrastructure. This means great opportunities for our companies with their first-class know-how,” says Chamber President Harald Mahrer.

The focus is on innovation and future technologies.

Through the international exchange of knowledge and technology, Austria is to move up into the group of innovation leaders.

So far, the Vietnamese market has been served from Thailand, and around 30 domestic companies are already present in Vietnam.

Preparations for the launch of “Go Southeast Asia” in Singapore

In Singapore, the course is set for the new accelerator program “Go Southeast Asia,” which will start in the fall of this year.

A cooperation agreement will be signed with NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the renowned National University of Singapore.

According to Vienna International News, the opening of the new Foreign Trade Center and the launch of Go Southeast Asia are important steps in the implementation of the foreign trade strategy presented in December 2018 together with the BMEIA Federal Ministry for Europe Integration and Foreign Affairs and the BMDW Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs.

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