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Nestlé for Healthier Kids pledges to help millions of Vietnamese children lead healthier lives

by Vietnam Insider

As part of Nestlé for Healthier Kids worldwide initiative by Nestlé, Nestlé for Healthier Kids was first launched in Vietnam in 2012 by the National Institute of Nutrition, Ministry of Health before expanding to many cities and provinces nationwide in co-operation with the Department of Primary Education, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Prevention Medicine, Ministry of Health since 2017.

With strong commitments and impactful activities, Nestlé for Healthier Kids aims to improve nutritional status and physical stature of Vietnamese children. After seven years of implementation, as of October 2019, the program has accessed more than 30,000 students of 61 primary schools in 9 localities across the country and is set to continue in upcoming years to achieve Nestlé’s ambition of helping 50 million children lead healthier lives.

To kick off Nestlé for Healthier Kids in the school-year 2019-2020, a special program for primary students to improve nutrition knowledge and strengthen physical activity is held on November 16 at Tong Phan primary school, Tong Phan ward, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen Province, attracting more than 300 students from five primary schools in the province. The program features a range of exciting activities, including learning about adequate nutrition and enhancing physical activity, aside from presentations on “Posters promoting reasonable nutrition and healthy lifestyle”.

Within the framework of program, participants have a chance to visit computer labs, where teachers and students join specific nutrition classes that comprise interesting lectures, updated information and playful games. Attendees can also have a look at the nutritional vegetables garden model – an initiative piloted at Tong Phan primary school with the support of Vietnam Agriculture Academy that enables teachers and students to proactively access nutrition information through the cultivation and harvest of clean, highly nutritious food products.

Dr. Ta Ngoc Tri, Deputy Director of the Primary Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training shared “Nestlé for Healthier Kids has been helping elementary students have knowledge about proper nutrition, able to identify some healthy daily foods. The children will have a sense of caring about themselves and families. From the knowledge of school nutrition, this will be a foundation for children in having nutrition knowledge for happier and healthier lives. ”

“The fact about current situation in lacking of good nutritional knowledge and practices as well as limited physical exercise among students, the rising incidence of obesity and diabetes in school-age children, it’s critical that measures to reduce obesity/diabetes are taken with an emphasis on promoting healthy nutrition and lifestyles. Therefore, the introduction of a model that promotes good nutrition education and physical activity in children via a website is obviously essential and beneficial. This model enables students, teachers and school health staff to access necessary information on nutrition and physical activity easily and conveniently using advanced technology, helping to encourage behavioral changes that bring about more health benefits to students,” said Truong Dinh Bac, Deputy Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine.

“After one year of participation into Nestlé for Healthier Kids, we notice a positive change in the perception of health and nutrition among children, which are reflected through knowledge tests. The program’s website provides teachers with useful information, well-design curriculum and an open forum where everyone can discuss and share relevant knowledge. We consider this a meaningful program for not only children but also the community and society,” said Bui Dinh Son, Headmaster of Tong Phan primary school.

Nguyen Ngoc Yen, Chief of Representative office in the North of Nestlé Vietnam

“Through practical initiatives that are implemented across the globe, including Vietnam, Nestlé for Healthier Kids has been supporting teachers, students and caregivers by helping them access necessary nutritional knowledge and physical activities so that millions of Vietnamese children will lead healthier lives,” said Nguyen Ngoc Yen, Chief of Representative Office in the North, Nestlé Vietnam.

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