Metal-carrying motorbikes threaten traffic safety

The traffic in Hanoi is being seriously threatened by motorbikes and home-made vehicles that carry long metal poles often used in construction.

Motorbikes carrying five to six metres long metal are not uncommon in Hanoi and can be seen anywhere since hiring a motorbike or transporting the metal bars individually is much cheaper than hiring a truck. Three-wheel vehicles are also used.

A transporter on La Thanh Street said mostly motorbikes were hired. Only when there is a larger number of products would they hire a truck.

Several accidents have occurred. In 2016, a primary pupil died after a collision with a three-wheel vehicle that was carrying several metal sheets.

A woman also died in 2016 after a similar accident in Hanoi. The motorbike driver used an additional cart to carry the sheets but the cart suddenly detached from the motorbike and killed the woman who was driving next to it.

Motorbikes are banned from carrying such long metal sheets and bars. They may face fines from VND200,000 (USD8) to VND400,000, however, in reality, many still flout the law. After the deadly accidents in 2016, the police in Hanoi had cracked down, but the drivers were willing to use alleyways to avoid police and metal store owners have continued to hire motorbikes.

Source: Dtinews

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