iPhone XS Max may be priced at over 40 million in Vietnam

Some retailers have predicted that iPhone XS Max may be priced at over VND40 million when it hits the Vietnamese market, the highest price ever for an iPhone.

The impressive launch of iPhone XS Max, the model with the largest ever screen and the highest retail price, has become the main topic of discussion on youth forums.

As the manufacturer stated that iPhone XS and XS Max will hit shelves from September 21, observers think the first products may be available in Vietnam one or two days later.

“iPhone XS Max will be the hottest model of the trio,” said Cao Anh Lai from Aple Shopdunk, a retail chain.

Lai predicted that iPhone XS Max would be priced at VND45 million on the first days in Vietnam and the selling price would stabilize after 10 days.

“iPhone XS Max is expensive, but its price is not much higher than iPhone X which was released last year,” Lai said, explaining why he believes the flagship will be selling like hotcakes.

“The buyers of iPhone XS Max are high income earners, who do not care about the minor price gap of several million dong,” he said.

Mai Trieu Nguyen, director of Mai Nguyen retail chain, also believes that iPhone XS Max will be the best seller in Vietnam, simply because this is the most special model with the most powerful configuration.

“I think iPhone XS Max will be the most wanted model this year,” he said.

“In 2017, Vietnamese chose iPhone X, the more expensive model, rather than iPhone 8 which had lower price,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Minh Tuan from Minh Tuan Mobile predicted that the retail price of the first products in Vietnam would be between VND35-40 million.

At the launching ceremony on September 12, Apple for the first time introduced the dual sim version. However, only the product designed for the Chinese market contains a SIM tray which holds two physical cards.

Meanwhile, other markets will use one physical sim and one e-sim.

This means that all the iPhones imported to Vietnam, including genuine products to be distributed by authorized resellers which bear VN/A code, won’t be able to use 2 sims because Vietnamese mobile operators still don’t support e-sims.

Therefore, some retailers said they are considering collecting dual-sim iPhones from China rather than buying iPhones at retail shops in Singapore and Hong Kong as they did in previous years.

According to a report on Vietnamnet

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