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Here are key success factors to attract and retain Vietnam’s Gen Z in the workplace

by Dung Duong

In a highly competitive job market, companies in Vietnam find themselves battling for a new generation that wants opportunities to learn and grow, meaningful work, communicate online rather than face-to-face, and have a highly flexible, creative, and professional office.

By 2025, Gen Z (those born between 1997 to 2012) is expected to take up 25% of the total workforce in Vietnam. A study by Dreamplex, which designs and delivers employee-centric workplace experiences, and Decision Lab, a behavioral design think tank, set out to find what Gen Z wants and how different they are from Millennials. This, so that companies can design a workplace experience that attracts and retains these young, creative, and caring employees. To download the full “Build a Workplace to Attract and Retain Gen Z in Vietnam” study, please click here.

The Job, Ways of Working, The Workplace, and the need for Personalisation and Choice – the four pillars to build a competitive workplace for Vietnamese Gen Z. Companies that want to attract and retain the Vietnamese Gen Z need to:

  • Change the Job. For Gen Z, it’s not about the money: only 18% take a new job for the salary. Their real need is to learn – especially technical job skills and soft skills like Networking and Communication. Creating opportunities for content is also important: Gen Z ranks Entertainment, Media and Creative as their favorite jobs. And despite their young age, Gen Z significantly cares about social issues and human rights.
  • Change the Ways of Working. Only 8% of Gen Z wants to communicate with colleagues in person. As the first generation to be born digital natives, Gen Z are ingrained with mobile and social behaviours and choose Instant Messaging as the top way of collaborating at work. And even after COVID-19, they love working in groups in person or work independently – not doing group work remotely. While 86% of Gen Z wants to work independently on projects before asking for help, over 90% want frequent feedback as a way to constantly learn and improve.
  • Change the Office. Gen Z has a lot of demands for their ideal office: comfortable, professional, modern, creative, playful and 10 other characteristics were chosen by up to 80% of them. Compared to Millennials, they especially appreciate quiet, focus and relaxing. F&B offerings such as a snack vending machine or on-site cafe are also a must. And, the workplace needs to support Work-Life Balance & Mental Wellbeing per 69% of all Vietnamese Gen Z.
  • Provide Choice. Inspired by the time Working from Home during COVID-19 as well as megatrends like Online Personalization (i.e. the Tiktok For You page), Data-Driven Superapps (i.e. Grab that knows where you want to go) and Immediacy from Food Apps – Gen Z demands flexibility and choice. While 70% of Gen Z still needs an office to focus and collaborate, smart companies will offer more choice in how, when, and where they work.
    About Dreamplex – delivering the flexible workplace experience of the future

In an increasingly competitive job market organizations need to offer more flexible, attractive, collaborative, and engaging workplaces. In Vientam, Dreamplex offers A Better Day at Work that perfectly meets the needs of fast-growing companies who understand that their young employees expect more from their workplace.

In the quest for self-improvement, Gen Z expects continuous feedback to aid their growth and development. | Source: Dreamplex

Well-designed private, branded offices for 1 – 200+ people come with 5-star hospitality-level care and an engaging program of social activities, training & development, and wellbeing initiatives. This allows forward-looking companies to deliver 21st-century, employee-centric, highly engaging workplace experiences without needing to build those capabilities and resources in house, or spending more money than they do on their current “standard” offices.

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