Unique parrot cafe in Saigon, Vietnam

A café in HCM City offers customers a very special atmosphere as it is home to up to 40 parrots of 20 different species.

According to an article on  Dtinews, the café located on Nguyen Van Huong Street, District 2, has been open since 2014.

Colourful parrots are not kept in cages and are very friendly so customers can touch them. They originate from Asia, Africa and America.


The café is among the first parrot cafés in HCM City. Parrots are priced at millions of VND each, but some are even worth up to USD5,000 such as Harlequin Macaw species from South Africa.


The parrots are taken care of by a staff member. The average cost for caring each parrot is VND3 million (USD128) per month.


Many parents take their children to the café to see the parrots


The cute parrots


They are trained in a professional way, so they are well-behaved to customers


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