Google announces Cloud Platform support program for Vietnamese startups

Google announced Google Cloud Platform for Startups, a special supporting program for startups based in Vietnam, at a conference in Ho Chi Minh City that attracted hundreds of enterprises and developers last week.

Google Cloud Platform for Startups is designed by the tech giant to help eligible early-stage startups take advantage of the ‘cloud’ – where computing resources are hosted and accessed via the Internet.

Participating startups can also get resources to quickly launch and scale their idea by receiving from US$3,000 to $100,000 in Cloud Platform credit, having 24/7 support, and accessing Google’s technical solutions team.

The offer is available to startups that have received no more than one Series A funding round, are less than five years old, are based in Vietnam and have not previously secured Cloud credit outside of the free-tier offering.

Early-stage companies with products developed based on digital technology and the desire to reach out to the international market can apply directly for the program, with registration now open at

Startups can qualify for one of the three Start, Spark and Surge programs, depending on their needs and growth. The Start package is worth US$3,000 a year, the Spark package is worth $20,000 a year, and the Surge package is worth $100,000 a year.

All three support packages include G Suite credits, access to online training and materials, and a $500 package of other products through Qwiklabs – a hands-on learning platform for those who want to become more familiar with operating cloud environments and writing applications that run on them.

In addition, the startups can also build, test and run their applications on Google’s trusted platforms, while enhancing their products with Google Cloud AI (Artificial Intelligence) and creating immersive location experiences with Google Maps Platform.

Google Cloud Platform for Startups was among Google’s several community support programs for Vietnamese startups.

The total value of Google Cloud packages in support for startups in Vietnam exceeded $1 million after six months in 2018, and is expected to continue increasing strongly in 2019.

According to a report on Tuoi Tre

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