Finding Lost Army Buddy from the Vietnam War

In the age of modern technology and social media, it’s hard to imagine the possibility of losing touch with a cherished friend.

But that’s what happened to Sargent Dick, a Vietnam War veteran currently living in Chesapeake, Virginia, who lost touch with a fellow soldier who became his best friend.

“I am seeking information on the location of Nguyen Hiep who was a solder in ARVN. If he were alive he would be about 80 years old”. Dick said in his first message to Facebook page of Vietnam Insider, a fast-growing news channel with deep finance, enterprise, tech, travel, life and other industry verticals.

“This is the photograph of Nguyen Hiep taken about 1961. I was with him in Can Tho the same year. His wife and children lived with his father and mother in Saigon/Cholon Nextdoor to a temple where his father was a caretaker. He would remember me as Mister Dick or Sargent Dick. I appreciate your assistance in finding him for me.” Dick told Vietnam Insider.

If you have any information about Nguyen Hiep, please share with Sargent Dick here or send an email to: Thank you!

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