Eximbank Board to Appoint Former CEO of Nam A Bank As Its New Chairwoman

The Vietnam Export Import Bank (Eximbank) has appointed Ms. Luong Thi Cam Tu, a board member as the new Chairwoman on March 22, 2019 to replace Mr. Le Quoc Minh, who was elected as new chairman of the Eximbank at a shareholders’ meeting held on December 1, 2015.

In a statement, Eximbank said, it has conducted the assessment and screening of candidates in a public and professional manner in accordance with international standards and the legal system regarding the appointment of the chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Eximbank’s pioneering in using independent assessment tools compliant to international standards in corporate governance is a very positive signal, reflecting the bank’s expectations for achieving high standards, transparency and professionalism in governance.

Luong Thi Cam Tu, the former CEO of Nam A Bank participated in the Eximbank as a member of the board since April 2018. Despite her short time participation in the bank, her contributions to the stability and development of Eximbank are substantial.

Tu holds a master’s degree in Business Administration, who is well-known as the youngest CEO in ‘s banking industry at the age of 35. She has occupied a number of senior management and executive positions at credit institutions with different scales and forms of ownership.

The appointment of Tu is expected to create the solidarity between the Board of Directors, Eximbank’s shareholders as well as all employees of the bank for the common purpose of a strong and developed bank.

Eximbank | Illustrated photo

Eximbank is a national commercial bank, which is struggling with difficulties due to its share holder’s massive conflicts for many years. In 2018, profit before tax of the bank reached VND827 billion, reducing by 18.7% year-on-year and just achieved 52% its full year business the plan.

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