Couple caught in cinema sex romp

CGV Cinemas Vietnam has vowed to follow local law in dealing with the recent spreading of private images and asked the audience to behave in the cinemas after the romping of a couple were recorded by the security camera.

The couple in the Sweetbox seat was caught having sex in the back of the theatre. The images of the romp were then spread around the internet by an employee at CGV. The case sparks a heated debate about behaviour at cinemas and customer privacy.

Many people criticised the couple for gross indecency in public while others expressed concerns over violations of privacy.

On July 31, CGV admitted that one of its employees had spread the images. He found out about the couple while going through the videos to find a missing bag of another cinema-goer. CGV said such an incident had never happened before at their chain of cinemas and that the employee had been reprimanded and suspended.

According to CGV, it has strict policies to ensure privacy. The cameras are used for security. Rules about cinema manners are always shown on the big screen before a films start. CGV announced that it will follow the regulations and need the public’s co-operation to maintain a healthy entertainment environment.

The staffs often patrol the cinema during certain hours so that the viewing experience will not be disrupted.

“We believe that most cinema-goers are well-behaved in public. CGV has always tried to provide the best experience to audiences,” CGV representative said.

Source: Dtinews