Chinese men arrested for Quang Ninh petrol station theft

One of the Chinese men, Ding Ning Shan, at the police station

Two Chinese men have been arrested after attacking a female staff member in an attempted theft at a petrol station in the northern province of Quang Ninh – Dtinews reported.

At around 10 pm on August 7, after fishing the working shift at the petrol station at Hai Tien Commune, Mong Cai City, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, a staff member from the ASEAN Company came to the firm’s office to drop off the money she collected from petrol sales.

Then suddenly, the two men rushed to tie her hands and muffle her mouth. After hearing the scuffle colleagues from the petrol station and nearby people attempted to arrest the men.

The two men tried to escape. However, one of them was initially detained by police, while the other stole a car at the company’s offices which he rammed into the police to save his accomplice and then two fled.
They escaped onto the Hai Yen Industrial Park for some kilometres and then were found in a nearby field before being arrested. The police confiscated knives, gloves and drills from them.

 Ding Shi Jie at the police station

The two then were identified as Ding Shi Jie, 30, and Ding Ning Shan, 36 who were both from China. They told the police that they entered Vietnam through Mong Cai Border Gate at 11am on August 7