App-based taxi companies must be operated as traditional taxi in Vietnam

Grab and every ride hailing firm in Vietnam may soon have to display electronic lights on their cars showing the word ‘TAXI’, if the Government approves a proposal from the Ministry of Transport (MoT).

It is one of the recommendations in the latest amended draft decree built by MoT to replace Decree No 86/2014/NĐ-CP on conditions for automobile transportation business.

According to a report on VNS, the ministry proposes that app-based taxi cars with less than nine seats should be treated the same as traditional taxis to ensure fairness, transparency and the same responsibilities towards customers.

If this regulation is approved, all vehicles will have to attach the signal “TAXI CAR” on the car glass; list full information on the vehicle as prescribed; and there must be a light box with the word “TAXI” fixed on the roof of the cars.

For traditional taxi firms, if using the metre calculator, these calculator tools must be inspected and sealed by a competent agency and must have receipts connected to the meters on the vehicle. Drivers must print invoices or receipts and return to the passengers at the end of the journey.

Receipts must include at least the following information: the name of the transport business unit, car number plate, the traveled distance in Km and the total amount of money in VND. Chargers and printers must be put at the positions that passengers are easy to observe.

For app-based taxis, vehicles must ensure the connection and provide passengers with the same details.

Software must comply with the provisions of law on e-commerce before implementation.

Enterprises and cooperatives providing taxi services using the software must send their electronic invoices to passengers and send information of electronic invoices to the General Department of Taxation in accordance with the regulations of the Minister of Finance.

This draft decree has just been submitted to the Prime Minister for approval after taking comments of National Assembly’s Economic Committee; Prime Minister’s working group, Central Institute for Economic Management; Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; taxi associations in Hanoi, Danang and HCMC; Vinasun Corporation and Thanh Buoi Company.


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