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A snake on a Vietjet plane from HCM City to Hanoi

by Helen Huynh

A snake is said to have appeared on the luggage compartment of Vietjet aircraft when preparing to take off. Aviation authorities have confirmed this incident.

The incident happened on flight VJ162 of Vietjet Air, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in the afternoon of 7/6. The snake suddenly appeared on the drawer of the passenger luggage, row number 15.

The flight crew was forced to stop taking off, evacuated passengers and notify the ground support. The plane then headed back to the parking lot. The crew followed the procedure to get the passengers to leave the plane to the station to ensure safety and wait for the responsible department to handle the incident, carrying out the snake catching.

Mr. Dinh Viet Thang – Director of Vietnam Aviation Administration said: The snake is about 20 cm long. It is not a poisonous snake. The snake was carried by a male passenger in the hand luggage. When the plane prepared to take off, the snake emerged from the luggage in the male’s drawer.

The case is being investigated.

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