A photo collection of chaotic traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam

“Fantastic four” is a collection by photographer Pham Thanh Long. The photo album focuses on the motorbike, the most popular means of transport in Hanoi and across Vietnam.

Four people were carrying large blue barrels of leftover food. @ Pham Thanh Long

Using the phone while driving | @ Pham Thanh Long

On Hanoi’s streets, these rickety old motorbikes are a familiar scene. | @ Pham Thanh Long

The sleeping children are carried in different styles on motorbikes | @ Pham Thanh Long

Four drivers stuck in traffic jams, all surrounded by cars | @ Pham Thanh Long

Four Vietnamese riding across the street by just waving their hands to signal to oncoming vehicles. | @ Pham Thanh Long

Riding habits from more angles. | @ Pham Thanh Long

Riders do not wear helmets | @ Pham Thanh Long

Using motorbike to carry all sorts of things irrespective of size | @ Pham Thanh Long

The motorbike riders are carrying extra long tubes or iron bars | @ Pham Thanh Long

The Vietnam Association of Motorbike Manufacturers estimates 8,768 new motorbikes hot the streets on average every day. | @ Pham Thanh Long

“Vietnamese street ninjas” | @ Pham Thanh Long

Four bald men on the street without helmets | @ Pham Thanh Long

These riders putting their feet up high, removing their bike mirrors. | @ Pham Thanh Long

These men carry their wives and bulky goods from outside the city to sell | @ Pham Thanh Long

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