Vietnam pricing attracts tourists

Vietnam clocked 1,161,114 tourist arrivals in May, up 19.4% over the same period last year.

The official estimate for five months was released by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Tuesday.

Arrivals for five months, January to May, reached 6,708,428 up 27.6% over the same period last year, mainly on the back of competitive pricing and improved air connectivity.

Asia remains the top supplier with 5,099,239 arrivals for the five months, up 33.2%.

China was the top supplier with 2,153,302 visits up 37%. The second highest supplier, South Korea, delivered 1,441,756 arrivals, up 62.1%.

Japan remains a robust supply market for Vietnam with 344,264 visitors, up 6.6% and Taiwan with 283,550 visits increased 14.5% during the five-month period.

Arrivals from Singapore improved 5.4% to reach 112,818 visits, attributed to more convenient direct flights particularly on low-cost airlines. Arrivals from Malaysia at 220,468 improved 12.5%, again due to an increase in flights.

However, pick-up in Asian market was also attributed to Vietnam’s competitive pricing this year. In the highly lucrative events business market it is out performing Thailand price-wise by around 30%. This has resulted in a significant increase in corporate meetings and incentives through superior bidding against Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Macau.

Outside of Asia, the US outbound travel market supplied 31,665 visits up 15.8%, while visits from Russia clocked 300,747 up 9.2%. There is likely to be decline in travel from Russia during the World Cup weeks.

Source: Ttrweekly

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