Vietnam, China to expand cross-border self-drive tours

Vietnam and China have announced plans to expand cross-border self-driving tours to boost tourism in the two countries.

Xinhua reports, in June 2018, China and Vietnam will launch cross-border self-driving routes from the southern Chinese cities of Guilin and Fangchenggang, to Mong Cai and Ha Long City in Vietnam.

The original self-driving route was launched between Fangchenggang and Mong Cai in November 2016. Vietnam has allowed the northern Quang Ninh province to pilot self-drive tours from China to Ha Long city since March.

Self-driving tours through the Vietnam-China border have become popular after the launch of the Fangchenggang to Mong Cai route. The number of outbound tourists from Fangchenggang rose to more than 3.1 million in 2017.