Vietnam celebrates Dragon Boat festival for killing parasitic worms

Vietnamese people believe that there are so many kinds of parasites living inside human body which appear the most at the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. As such, people try to kill those inner parasites on that day,” Sharing experiment by Nguyen Thi Ty in Hanoi about Dragon Boat festival.

From 6 AM, many people in Hanoi have rushed to the market to buy traditional dishes such as violet glutinous rice, plum, glutinous cake to kill inner insects followed by oral story-telling. It means that for the better new day. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

Dishes such as violet glutinous rice, lychee, plum, rambutan, etc. are offered for sale at Hang Be street, Gia Ngu street, Hom Market. But if you don’t get it soon, it’s out of stock really fast. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

In some old streets in Hanoi, according to the sellers, the number of buyers of fruits and violet glutinous rice in these days increased sharply. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

In the Northern provinces in general and Ha Noi capital in particular, in Dragon Boat festival, people often eat fruit, violet glutinous rice to kill inner insects. Prices of these items are higher than normal days. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

Lotus Seed (Photo: Minh Son/ Vietnam +)

Ms. Mai An (Ly Thai To Street, Hanoi) said that she got up very early to buy for incense and kill inner insects. She’s afraid of the stock is out, and can not buy fresh fruit. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

The Vietnamese Dragon Boat festival was started at the time of Ngo (as 12 PM) – midday of May 5th of lunar year. From ancient times, the meaning of this day is in the human body, especially the digestive tract often has parasitic worms hidden, if not eradicated it, the worms are growing and not good for health. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

Glutinous cakes are also being bought in this day. A seller said that the cake is sold for 50-80 thousand VND per ten. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

Lychee, plum and violet glutinous rice are indispensable dishes during the Dragon Boat festival. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

The most important dish on Dragon Boat festival is violet glutinous rice. The price is 50-70 thousand VND per kilogram, while other dishes such as lychee for 20-30,000 VND per kg, plum for 30-40,000 VND per kg, etc. (photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

Tran Thi Thuy Loan, a seller in Gia Ngu Street said: ‘She sells glutinous rice in here for more than 35 years, every year on the festival of Dragon Boat, she sells by 3-5 times as a normal week. (Photo: Minh Son / Vietnam +)

First translation by VietnamInsider