Quang Ngai prepares to submit Ly Son-Sa Huynh Geopark to UNESCO

Quang Ngai will finalise and submit a dossier that seeks to recognise the Ly Son–Sa Huynh Geopark as a member of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network this November.

In recent times, Quang Ngai has deployed a range of activities in order to develop Ly Son–Sa Huynh Geopark.

As a result, research and survey activities have almost been completed in specific areas that have geological and cultural values.

The park covers approximately 2,000 sq.km of land, accounting for 39 per cent of the total area of Quang Ngai. The park also enjoys 2,600sq.km of sea surface as it is situated beside the province’s 130km-long coastline.

The province has also put into operation tours of the geopark that feature visits to 90 geological sites of value in addition to developing a network of partners.

To facilitate the completion of all procedures as requested by UNESCO, the Quang Ngai province People’s Committee have asked the Vietnam National Commission to inform UNESCO about the scheduled time to submit the dossier on Ly Son-Sa Huynh Geopark in 2019.

The province, therefore, plans to finalize and submit the dossier on Ly Son-Sa Huynh Geopark during November this year

According to a report on VOV

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