More fraudulent banking websites detected

Several banks in Vietnam have warned customers about the danger of losing their bank accounts when logging into fake banking websites.

According to the latest report from Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank), the bank has found many links imitating the bank’s official site such as;;

The bank also alerted customers to the fake link to homebank 247 which is quite similar to the bank’s internet banking interface.

A security staff of a major bank in Hanoi said that hackers can easily take banking card owners’ private information such as account number, PIN code or even CVV/CVC numbers at the back of the cards when they log in fake sites.

The fraudulent websites often have domain names and interfaces which are almost identical to the official ones.

Earlier, the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) also uncovered homebank 247 which was imitating BIDV’s official link.

Experts said that website fraud affecting banking websites had tended to be on the rise in Vietnam in recent years. To prevent the risks, banks have advised customers to be more careful when logging into banking sites.

In case, customers doubt that they may have logged in fake sites, they need to change their passwords immediately and contact banks for urgent help. Customers should not lend other people to borrow their banking cards and keep the cards carefully and frequently change their PIN code.

Source: Dtinews