FPT Software floats trial of self-driving cars

FPT Software has asked the Ministry of Transport and relevant sectors for permission to operate self-driving autos in hi-tech zones and software parks nationwide on an experimental basis.

FPT said it had studied the self-driving technology from 2016 to October 31, 2017, before announcing the first self-driving vehicle in Viet Nam. The company had been operating trams in central Da Nang City (around F-Complex, FPT Software Da Nang) and self-driving cars around FPT Software HCM City.

The self-driving vehicles have a speed of 20-25kmph on an average and can reach up to 40kmph in a straight direction. It can self-align, turn in line and avoid obstacles or tripping when needed. The vehicle has over 1,000 hours of self-steering, with no problems in different weather conditions such as sunshine, rain and low light.

FPT said it would continue to research, develop and complete the vehicle’s brake and gas controllers, integrate GPS module and navigation system, develop built-in voice response control and upgrade the centralised processor.

Le Hong Viet, FPT’s Chief Technology Officer, said the corporation had invested in self-propelled technology and set a goal to become one of the leading companies in automotive software in the world.

Source: VNS