A foreign tourist comes back to Vietnam to carry out a promise

Rita Raisimate, a 26-year-old Lithuanian biker has just come back to Vietnam and shared her goodwill on Facebook relating to volunteer activities.

The young traveler is famous for her stolen-bike story in Vietnam when someone stole her bike in front of her hotel in District 1 the next day after she reached HCMC on July 18, 2017.

After posting her story on social media with a great hope of taking her bike back, the post surprisingly received a bunch of sharings and comments and the local authority immediately started to seek for the robber. Luckily, the police found the suspect and retrieved Rasimaite’s bike. Due to her tight travel schedule, she can not receive her bike but she promised to come back Vietnam as soon as possible.

Rita Rasimaite and her bike on a coastal road.

This time, Rita came back to Vietnam to pick up her bike and posted another post to ask about volunteer organization’s information. She expresses her special love for Vietnam and also her gratitude to netizens who sent her supporting messages and shared her story.

In addition, Rita shows her kindness when sharing her intention of participating in an organization relating to environmental issue and orphans to thank such a “wonderful community”.

Snapshot of her post on “Expats in HCMC” group on March 22


Daisy Nguyen